For over 10 years Green Gold Landscaping LLC, has been serving the Puget Sound area, doing valuable work to beautify your properties.


We believe that your house is your palace and we think that everything around it should look just as spectacular.

That way of thinking, simple but overwhelming, makes our work have something extra to offer (and our clients love it)

We are also convinced that responsibility is a very important value in everything we do, that is why when we commit, we comply.

At Green Gold Landscaping LLC we believe that there is beauty in the land itself and that beauty sprouts in the form of plants, trees and flowers, therefore we focus our work on channeling beauty and organizing it, making it stand out much more and highlighting the green side of your property.

In short, we believe that your house is your palace and that the green side of your house can always be kept beautiful so that your property looks even better and we are committed to doing so.


Green Gold Landscaping We make your property look better

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